$99 Junk Removal In South Bend

Junk Removal For $99.00

Fast Act Junk Removal is serious about providing $99 junk removal in South Bend. We can haul off your unwanted waste material from old furniture, construction debris, bulk trash, and appliances for competitive rates!  

Do you want to know more about Fast Act Junk Removal and Dumpster Service?  Check out our junk removal reviews!  We have been serving the South Bend area with our hauling services since 2017 and have acquired many happy clients.

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How Do We Remove Junk So Cheap?

Our teams here at Fast Act Junk Removal are highly experienced, and our employees love our work atmosphere. Every crew member on our trucks does their job like it’s their own company they are working for, and this ensures efficiency and dedication to providing reliable services and high-quality workmanship.  


With our efficiency, we can develop systems that allow us to remove junk for $99.00 and sometimes even less. In many cases, if you have a single junk item or two that needs to be removed for $99.00, we will put you on a scheduled route and swing through your location to pick up the junk.

Expert Junk Removal Services 

Our junk trucks are continuously operated by two or three-person crews and are ready to assist you with any junk removal task that you need assistance with. With a 2-to-3-person crew, we can remove bulk amounts of general junk, trash, construction debris, and old furniture from anywhere on your property for as little as $99.00.  

We Haul Junk Away with dump trailers that will hold 20 cubic yards of debris at a time, and each crew is appropriately equipped with all the necessary told that may be needed to ensure that your junk is removed in a cost-efficient and safe way. Upon job completion, our junk removal crews will walk through the work area with you to ensure that the task was completed to your satisfaction and that no items to be removed were missed. Knowing that $99.00 junk removal is an option, you may be left asking, “how can you get your $99 Junk Removal in South Bend”? 


Our $99 Junk Removal in South Bend is our minimum pricing for any junk pickup service we provide. Our $99.00 junk removal pricing in South Bend, Indiana, will include but is not limited to 1 to 2 items depending on the size or a volume of debris that is a smaller amount than our famous Load and Go Services 1/4th load at five cubic yards.  Additionally, one crucial factor that must be noticed about our $99.00 junk removal pricing is that the debris must be placed curbside or at some other designated easy-access point.  

You may ask, “what qualifies as a curbside junk pickup? If your junk load is in the garage, driveway, curbside, or back yard with access to a truck where we can back up to the debris, it can be considered a curbside junk pickup service. If the volume of debris to be hauled is less than three cubic yards, it may be considered for the $99.00 junk pickup pricing that we offer to South Bend, Indiana, and surrounding cities.  

Why Pick Fast Act Junk Removal?

Junk Removal By Fast Act

Up Front Junk Removal Pricing

Up front pricing is one reason that the great people in the South Bend area trust Fast Act.  Once we quote you on junk removal, we stick to it!  We quote junk removal in person with on-site estimates. We can also estimate junk removal cost by receiving photos from our clients and asking a few basic questions.  

Photos can be texted to 269-808-1170.

Loading Junk Up

Fast Junk Removal Service

Junk removal can take some time to do if its you are inexperienced.  We have become very efficient with the junk removal process.  With our tools, knowledge and experience, we offer a cost effective alternative as opposed to DIY junk removal.  We remove tons of junk in the South Bend, Indiana area every year.  Let our junk removal pros take care of you today!

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Excellent Customer Service

When it comes to hiring a professional and friendly Junk Removal Service in South Bend, Indiana, look no further. We value our customers and quality workmanship is our number one goal.  We promise to deliver five star service and are always looking to make that next client happy.  Please check out our Facebook and Google reviews to see why we are South Bend, Indiana’s number 1 rated junk removal service.

What Qualifies For The $99 Junk Removal Rates?

How do you know if the volume of debris that you need picked up and hauled away will only cost $99.00 for pickup, transportation and disposal? A minimum load size will include up to 3 cubic yards or less. A good analogy that you can use to picture a cubic yard is using a standard washer or a standard dryer as a place holder for cubic yard. If you have 3 or less standard washers, your pickup would be considered for our $99.00 junk removal in South Bend, Indiana. If the volume of debris that you have is more than the minimum volume that we will pick up for the $99.00 rate, it does not apply for the $99 pick up services that we offer in South Bend Indiana.  

Junk Removal For $99

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We offer our Junk Removal services for in your local area

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Our team removes and hauls away your junk to save you time!

No Hidden Fees

At Fast Act Junk Removal we provide transparent quotes.

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Junk Removal $99.00 South Bend

Quotes For $99 Junk Removal Nearby South Bend

To get an exact price, schedule a free, no-obligation estimate that will be provided by one of our team members on-site at the job location. Once we set real eyes on the amount of debris that needs to be hauled, an exact price is given before we load anything up. You can rest assured that or junk removal pricing, including the $99 Junk Removal Services that we offer to the City of South Bend, always includes labor, transportation, and disposal fees.  

Junk Pickup Services

The $99 Junk Haulers Mission

Our mission as South Bend, Indiana number one junk removal company is to simplify the junk removal process in order to make any removal task quick, cost-efficient and as easy as contacting us by email, call or text message to schedule a free junk removal quote. You can even text us a photo of the junk you need removed to receive a fast estimate after the photo is reviewed.  

Best Junk Removal Pros South Bend For 99

Are You Ready To Get Your Junk Removed For $99?

If you need to have junk removed in South Bend for the most affordable rates, we can’t wait to assist you! Contact us today to schedule a free, in person estimate! During the on-site estimate, we will talk you through our junk removal process, ensure that you have a great comprehension on how our junk removal services and provide an unbeatable price.  

Garage Cleanout Pickups For Junk

Helping the Community Through Affordable $99 Junk Pickup Services In South Bend

Fast Act Junk Removal helps clients in the South Bend Indiana area reclaim their much-needed space every day. It’s our duty to ensure affordable, reliable services because when it comes to removing junk and clutter, many cases call for speedy pickup services and reliability. When it comes to junk removal service for $99.00, Fast Act does not mess around.  

Junk Furniture Minimum Pricing

Why We Do What We Do!

We enjoy any opportunity that comes our way to let us showcase our capability in removing junk for the cheapest rates in South Bend and surrounding cities.

Our mission as South Bend, Indiana’s number one junk removal company, is to simplify the junk removal process to make any removal task quick, cost-efficient, and as easy as contacting us by email, call, or text message to schedule a free junk removal quote. You can even text us a photo of the junk you need removing to receive a fast estimate after the photo is reviewed.  

Professional Junk Hauling Teams

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If you are a big fan of our affordable hauling services and live around the South bend area, follow us on Linked In, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest. To stay updated on facts and tips about removing junk yourself, where to take junk to dispose of it, or to gain knowledge about landfills in South Bend, read our articles and press releases that we publish to our News and Media Rooms.  

Dumpster Rental For Junk South Bend

Easy Dumpster Services

Looking for affordable dumpster options in South Bend?  As a local service offering some of the lowest junk pickup rates in the South Bend areas, including our $99 Junk Removal services, we won’t leave you hanging if the project you have on your hands demands renting a dumpster.  We have the perfect dumpster sizes for any home or commercial remodeling project. We strive to provide our customers with a high-quality level of service at an affordable price. Our goal is to assist you in keeping your hard-earned money and feeling like you got a fantastic deal, customer service, and work quality for the price.  If we can offer $99 Junk Removal in South Bend, you may want to know what we charge for dumpster rental.  Contact us now to find out!

Junk Pickus For As Little As $99.00

Junk We Remove For $99 In South Bend

Small Pickups Of General Junk

Small volumes of junk that we remove from an easy access point may be charged at $99.00.
We will remove refrigerators for $99.00 if the item is at an easy access point by the time of pickup. The fridge to be removed must be empty without leaks from the appliances formerly held contents.

Furniture Removal

Furniture items like couches, mattresses and chairs are often considered for our $99. Furniture pickups in the South Bend area.

Small Garage Cleanups

Small garage cleanups will be considered for the $99 junk removal rates that we offer to South Bend Residents. Debris must be at a designated, easy access point and must consist of approximately 3 cubic yards of debris or less.
Smaller amounts of construction debris being loaded and hauled from an easy access point could meet our $99.00 junk hauling services in South Bend, Indiana.

Small Hot Tubs & Spas

Our full-service junk removal team will remove and haul away any small hot tub from your home for the $99.00 minimum pickup rate if the item can be lifted by two people and is set at an easy access point before the scheduled pickup date.

Freezer Removal

If a freezer that is no longer working needs to be removed from your property in South Bend, our teams will offer you our minimum pickup pricing to remove the item from and easy access pint like a garage we can back up to, driveway or curbside location.
When you're ready to get rid of your old electronics for $99.00, such as TV's, computers, printers, or anything electronic our professional junk hauling team will property dispose of your E-Waste.
We will haul away any office items from your home or business. We accept Desk, Chairs, Printers/Scanners, Phone Systems, and much more! For single item removal tasks, your job may be considered for our $99.00 Junk Pickup Pricing.

Yard Debris Removal

We will load up and remove a small amount of yard waste from an easy access point for our $99.00 rates in South Bend, Indiana. Volume of yard debris to be removed must be at a total of 3 cubic yards or less.
Junk Pickups For Grills & BBQs
Time to get rid of your old BBQ Grill? We will haul it away and any other junk or debris laying around that you need gone! Most single items will be charged at our $99.00 rates if the item is being loaded from and easy access point.
And More!
If you are curious about the amount of junk you have and are wandering if it would be considered for our $99.00 junk removal services in South Bend, Contact us today for a fast quote!