Bed Bug Furniture Removal

Removing furniture from your home can be challenging if it has been infested with bed bugs. Bed bugs are a nuisance that is hard to deal with, and the problem can spread quickly. Bed bugs hide in the cracks and crevices found in furniture such as mattresses, couches, chairs, and ottomans. Bed bugs are flat, allowing them to hide easily in these types of furniture.

What To Do With Bed Bug Infested Furniture

Furniture infested with bed bugs must be wrapped in plastic before being hauled out of the home. Bed bug-infested furniture items should be removed from your home with no time to waste. Furniture items can be the source of a bed bug infestation, and if not correctly handled, bed bugs can travel from one place to another and hide in couches, chairs, and other kinds of furniture pieces. This makes it hard for bed bugs to be dealt with. Bed bugs like to live in dark places, so having plastic covering the furniture will allow you to remove it without letting the bed bugs spread throughout the home. 

Once infested furniture is wrapped correctly, it can be hauled away without bed bugs being able to escape. Bedbug-infested furniture should never be left in one place for too long. It’s essential to ensure all furniture is properly handled and transported to a landfill as soon as possible.  After the furniture is wrapped in plastic, it can be placed into a dumpster and hauled to a landfill.

How To Remove Bed Bug Furniture

A few basic steps must be practiced while removing infested furniture items. The first step is to ensure that you wear the proper PPE to keep the bed bug eggs and larva off your clothes, mitigating the spread to other locations in your city. The next step is to wrap the furniture items in plastic. After all, this, transport the wrapped furniture pieces to a dumpster or junk hauling truck. Before transporting the material to the landfill, remove the PPE that was working while removing the items and place that material in a disposable container to be dumped with the other bed bug-infested material.

Bed Bug Infested Furniture Disposal?

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Bed Bug Furniture Removal Pricing

Up front, pricing is one reason our great clients trust Fast Act.  Once we quote you on removing your bed bug-infested furniture, we stick to it!  We free estimates for bed bug-infested furniture removal in person with on-site estimates. We can also estimate infested furniture removal costs by receiving photos from our clients and asking a few basic questions.  

Photos can be texted at 269-808-1170.


Fast Service

Infested furniture removal can be tricky if you are inexperienced.  We have become very efficient with the removal process surrounding bed bug-infested furniture items.  Our tools, knowledge, and experience offer a cost-effective alternative instead of DIY furniture removal options.  We remove many types of bedbug-infested furniture every year.  Let our bed bug-infested furniture removal pros take care of you today!

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Excellent Customer Service

Look no further when hiring a professional and friendly Bed Bug Furniture Removal Service. We value our customers, and quality workmanship is our number one goal.  We promise to deliver five-star service and are always looking to make that next client happy.  Please check out our Facebook and Google reviews to see why Fast Act Junk Removal and Dumpster Service is #1 rated as a professional junk removal service.

Hiring Bed Bug Furniture Removal Professionals

Bed bug furniture removal professionals have the equipment and training to remove infested furniture items. Exterminators use a powerful spray applied directly to where bed bugs can be hiding. Before you have an exterminator to your infestation, it’s a good idea to get rid of the furniture on the premises that may be contaminated. At Fast Act Junk Removal and Dumpster Service, you can expect premium, caring services to handle your needs regarding the proper bed bug furniture removal procedures.

Bed bug-infested furniture items should be removed from your home, and hiring a professional can be the most effective way to handle a bedbug-infested furniture piece. Bed bug-infested furniture items can be a source of a bed bug infestation if not properly handled, and bed bugs can travel from one place to another inside of furniture, making it hard for bed bugs to be dealt with.

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Looking for a fast and easy roll-off dumpster for your DIY bed bug-infested furniture removal? We have you covered! As a local junk removal service, we strive to provide our customers with a high-quality level of service at an affordable price. Our goal is to assist you in going about your infested furniture removal in the safest, most efficient, and most cost-effective way. We want our clients to feel like they got a fantastic deal, customer service, and work quality for the price.  Check out our News & Media to learn about what we are doing locally.  

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