Deck Removal Services

Deck removal services can come in handy when you need to tear out your old deck to build a new one in its place.  Removing an old deck can be a more challenging task than some might think, and that’s why Fast Act Junk Removal and Dumpster Service LLC has your back when you need us for any type of home renovation project. 

The Costs Of Deck Removal Services

Deck Removal Services

Many different variables go into the cost of removing an old or outdated deck that you no longer want as a residential homeowner or a commercial business owner.  The materials used to build a deck can be wood, plastic, concrete, metal, aluminum, etc. All these materials take effort and finances when it comes to removing and adequately disposing of/recycling them. 

To remove a deck, standard tools used are crowbars, sawzalls, screw guns, sledge hammers, and in some cases, shovels if the concrete needs to be removed from the base of the poles that hold the deck in place.  You will also want PPE like safety goggles, masks, helmets, gloves, and the necessary deck removal tools.  

The final piece to the deck removal puzzle is having access to a piece of equipment that you can load up the deck demo debris into for easy transportation and disposal.  

The great thing about this is that Fast Act Junk Removal and Dumpster Service LLC will handle all aspects of any deck removal job you send our way.

Experienced Crews

junk debris removal in action by Fast Act Junk Removal and Dumpster Service LLC

Our experienced crews will leave your deck removal project in good hands.  When our teams are on-site to provide you with our deck removal services, you can rest assured that they are highly experienced in removing any type of deck in all shapes, sizes, and builds.  Whether your deck is a porch deck, back deck, front deck, or balcony deck, our teams can handle the project easily and make the removal process seamless.   Our mission is to make any light demolition project, including deck removal a painless task for any home or business owner in the local area. 

Excellent Customer Experiences

If you are looking for a company that will treat you and your project with the utmost importance, look no further than our teams here at Fast Act.  We have an extensive resume of five-star reviews that we have acquired over the many years we have been in business and operating in the junk removal space.  Check out our online recipes and see why we are among the highest-rated junk and small structure removal specialists in the local Northwest Indiana and Southwest Michigan areas. 

Professional Cleanup

Experienced Crews For Deck Removal

After our professional deck removal teams remove your unwanted deck, we will sweep the area up and remove all loose debris that may be a byproduct of any small structure demolition and removal service. Removing an old deck, as with any small structure demolition project, can easily create miscellaneous debris around the project area.  In this case, we use shop vacs, brooms, and nail magnets to ensure that the part of the property we removed your old deck from has been cleaned up properly and thoroughly.  

Conviniently Located Near You

One favorable aspect of using Fast Act Junk Removal and Dumpster Service LLC for deck removal services is that we are conveniently located near you in the Southwest Michigan and Northwest Indiana areas.  As a locally owned and operated company, we have positioned ourselves to be able to serve our clients with local, competitive pricing.  Being competitive with customer service, deck removal prices and operating with superior expertise lets our teams stand out amongst the rest in a bright way.   

Deck Removal Service Near Me

Looking for a deck removal service near your location is as simple as doing an online search for “deck removal service near me.”  When looking for a service local to your area, using a “Near Me” search term will help the search results know your intent to find a company close to you.  The reason for intending to find a local company to remove your old deck instead of a company that has to travel to you from farther out can be for several different reasons.  One is the familiar urge to support a local service, and another is that a local company can, in most cases, offer you the best price.  

How It Works

Deck Removal How It Works
  1. Contact Us- The first step in having your deck removed by our experienced teams is to contact us.
  2. Set Up An Estimate- Once you make contact, schedule a time for one of our team members to come and assess the deck that you need to have removed.
  3. Schedule A Service- If you lie the price that we offer to remove your deck, schedule a date for the service to take place. 
  4. Sit Back And Relax- The final step in our deck removal process is to sit back and relax.  We handle all of the necessary labor, transportation of debris, and cleanup.  You don’t have to do a thing so sit back with a nice cup of tea and watch us remove your deck.




Experienced Crews

Deck Wood Removal

Besides needing an entire deck removed, you may be in need of some deck surgery.  In many situations, parts of a deck can be restored where some areas of the deck can not.  In this case, you can hire Fast Act to remove just the part of the deck that is beyond saving to prepare the area for new posts, boards or rails to be placed.  We can remove sections of any deck and leave the rest intact and prepped for new additions and renovations to take place. 

(DIY) Do It Yourself Deck Removal

Maybe you don’t want to hire a company to remove your deck for you.  There is a ton of DIY deck removal information out there, and if you have some of the necessary tools and are in good physical shape, your old deck may be no match for you.  Taking apart the deck boards, rails, deck steps, and posts can be a laborious task, but it’s not rocket science unless you are doing a strategic procedure where some aspects of the deck are to be left in place, untouched.  If the deck is attached to the house, this may cause the project to be a little more complex.  By looking online at youtube videos and contacting friends and family, you may gather a lot of helpful information about doing a deck demolition project yourself.

Deck Wod Removal

Deck Wood

Suppose you need a company to come to your location to remove excess deck wood or deck demolition debris. In that case, we serve as an excellent dumpster rental alternative service and have a few different debris removal options to choose from.  We offer full-service deck wood removal services and curbside demolition debris pickups.  

Demolition Debris From A Deck

Deck Demolition Debris

If you don’t need a demolition crew’s assistance tearing out a deck, we can certainly help with the deck wood removal part of the project.  If you or a friend takes on the task of removing an unwanted deck, you can call Fast Act to come and remove the demolition debris.  Many of our clients are contractors, and when they remove an old deck to place a new one, they will call Fast Act to come and handle the debris.  Most of the material that stacks up during a deck removal job is the deck wood.