Dumpster Rental in Elkhart, Indiana

Fast Act has been offering services for dumpster rental in Elkhart since 2017.  As a locally owned and operated business, we know that reliability and excellent customer service are vital to give our clients a great experience when renting a dumpster. Different projects call for different dumpster styles and sizes. Here at Fast Act Junk Removal and Dumpster service, we have quite a few options.  Our roll-off dumpsters are an option for construction sites, and our driveway-safe dumpsters are always a choice for residential property owners.  

Rent A Dumpster in Elkhart, Indiana

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Get Elkhart Dumpster Pricing!

Quality Dumpsters For Great Prices

As a smaller dumpster rental service operating in the Elkhart area, we can offer some of the most affordable prices without sacrificing quality and reliability.  When you schedule with us for dumpster rental in Elkhart, you can expect our drivers to be on time, professional and friendly.  We want the local community that chooses to trust Fast Act for their dumpster rental needs to have a five-star experience every time.   From when you contact us to when the dumpster is picked up, customer satisfaction is always a high priority.  

10 yard dumpster rental In Elkhart, IN

10 yard dumpster Elkhart

Smaller jobs like bathroom remodeling and residential garage cleanups may require ordering a 10-yard dumpster rental in Elkhart.  These small dumpsters are perfect for residential property cleanups or renovations that generate around ten cubic yards or less waste. 

With a simplified process for renting a dumpster nearby Elkhart, it’s as easy as contacting us to get on our schedule.  Our 10-yard dumpsters are always delivered on time, and you never have to worry about us being late on a pickup. 

20 yard dumpster rental In Elkhart

20 yard dumpster Elkhart

20-yard dumpsters are a popular size to rent if you have a medium-sized home renovation project or a house to clear unwanted debris from.  A 20 cubic-yard dumpster can hold approximately 20 standard-sized washers or dryers simultaneously.  By breaking items down, you can eliminate a lot of air or “fluff” that you may have in your load, enabling you to fit more debris in your 20-yard dumpster.  When renting a 20 cubic yard dumpster from a company in Elkhart, we would love the opportunity to be of service and are always looking for more customers to provide a five-star dumpster rental experience too.    

Elkhart Dumpster Alternative Services

The load and go is where you set the debris at an easy access point staged for pickup.  An example of an easy access point would be a garage, driveway, side of the house, curbside, or front yard. This dumpster service includes the labor of loading from an easy access point, dumpster on-site, transportation costs, and disposal fees paid at the landfill. There is not need for a contract, and we don’t take your card on file. We set an appointment, tell you what the cost will be upon arrival, and you pay us once your load is complete. Load regards a 15 cubic yard dumpster being loaded for you with regular household/regular construction debris from an easy access point. We can offer a 17-yard dumpster that adds just $25.00 to your load rate.

  • 3 cubic yards = 1/4th load 
  • 7.5 cubic yards = 1/2 a load
  • 12 cubic yards = 3/4ths load
  • 15 cubic yards = full load 

Why Rent a Dumpster When Fast Act Has a Cheaper Option?

Fast Act Junk Removal and Dumpster Service designed the Load & Go Service as a dumpster alternative option for our clients, hoping to get rid of junk and debris for a more affordable rate.  We can cut costs on our end by offering the Load & Go Service because of these few reasons:

  1. Less Labor- We are only traveling to our clients once instead of twice so we have less time in the truck to get you taken care of for your dumpster rental needs.  When dropping off a dumpster for our clients, we have to, drive to you once to drop the can, then come back again to pick it up, causing two trips to your location.
  2. Less Fuel- We use less fuel coming to you once for the Load & Go Service than twice for a dumpster rental.
  3. Dump Fees- If you do not fill your dumpster up with the Load & Go Service, we can merge your load with other partially full dumpsters.  Keep in mind we always tell you what your load rate will be before loading and we can tell you on-site at the set appointment time or approximate your load by photos if you can text an image to 269-808-1170.
  4. Less Wear and Tear- By cutting our travel and truck time in half by offering our Load & Go dumpster rental alternative, we have less wear and tear on our dumpster hauling trucks. In turn, we can cut our maintenance costs along with other types of overhead that we have.  

The four main topics about the Load & GO Service allow us to cut costs and pass these excellent dumpster rental savings on to our clients in Elkhart.  Our dumpster rental customers in the Elkhart, Indiana area love this style of dumpster service, and you can check out our reviews by clicking here.

Our Elkhart load & Go Service regards a 15 cubic yard dumpster loaded for you with regular household junk or lightweight construction debris like wood and drywall from an easy access point. The dumpster alternative pricing includes labor, disposal cost, and material transportation to the landfill. We have no trip charges and no over-tonnage fees. We take no card on file; you only pay after your load is completed.  

3 cubic yard Dumpster = 1/4th load

7.5 cubic yard Dumpster = 1/2 load

12 cubic yard dumpster = 3/4ths load

15 cubic yard dumpster = full load

We also have 17-yard dumpsters that can be used for the Load & Go Service upon request.  Load & Go Pricing is subject to change based on landfill cost, fuel cost, etc.  We Want to offer the cheapest dumpster rental pricing possible.

Dumpster Rental Near Me

We have the most affordable Dumpster Rental prices in Elkhart, hands down. Here at Fast Act, we give you the biggest bang for your buck because we know that’s what you want. As a family-owned and operated company local to the Elkhart area, we don’t have the overhead that many more prominent dumpster companies have. We always pass those savings on to our customers. Currently, we have around 374 five-star reviews on google; we strive for satisfaction and fast action when meeting our clients’ debris removal and dumpster service needs.

Are you tired of filling out forms from lead generation sites to wait for a pricing estimate that will inevitably be high due to how much calls cost? Well, shoot us a quick call for pricing over the phone. We always answer the phone! Just dial 269-808-1170.  Why waste time waiting on other companies to get you specific Elkhart Dumpster Rental prices when you could be doing all the great things our city has to offer, like visiting the renowned Hall Of Hero’s Museum?   

Ask about our famous Load & Go Service:

Call and ask about our Load & Go Service, which acts as a dumpster rental alternative that our Elkhart clients have come to know and love so well. 

For this dumpster service, we use Sure Trac Dumpster trailers that do not roll off onto your driveway. Hence, you have no worries about cracked driveways, ruts in your lawn, or any other hassles with ordering a roll-off dumpster for your debris removal project.  

Driveway Safe Dumpsters in Elkhart

Whether you are looking to hire Fast Act for a dumpster alternative service or a roll-off dumpster rental drop-off, we can offer your a 3-7 day rental on any of our driveway safe dumpsters.  These driveway-safe units are great for getting into hard-to-reach areas of your property and also alleviate the issue of getting a cracked driveway or scratching your lawn’s surface.  We can maneuver these dumpsters to almost anywhere on your property, including right next to your roof, for shingle tear-off projects in Elkhart, IN.  

Why Pick Fast Act Dumpster Rental?

Michiana Dumpster Rental

Transparent Dumpster Rental Cost

We have various options for dumpster rental in Elkhart that fit any budget.  We know how important it is to have a dumpster rental option with up-front pricing.   When it comes to delivering your trash bin or pulling up for your Load & Go service, our drivers can tell you your approximate weight depending on the materials you are throwing away.  Regardless of what local dumpster rental company you use in the Elkhart area, it’s essential to consider what is in the contract.  Pay attention to over-tonnage fees, trip charges, or hidden delivery costs.  A $300.00 dumpster rental can quickly become a $500.00 fee if you don’t look closely at the fine print.  

Same Day Dumpster Rental

Same Day Elkhart Dumpster Service

Need your Elkhart trash dumpster delivered fast? We will schedule you for the earliest time slot available, which can even be the same day!  With a wide array of dumpster rental options available, Fast Act Dumpster Rental Services strives to be able to take care of our Indiana clients when they need us most.  We understand that sometimes you need a dumpster rental in Elkhart or a dumpster alternative service, most happen sporadically, and the need can be unexpected.  If we can’t get a roll-off dumpster to you immediately, we can always run our Load & Go Service for you.  Give us a call at 269-808-1170, and let’s talk dumpsters.  

Dumpster Trailer Rental

Great Dumpster Rental Experience

When hiring a professional and friendly Dumpster Rental company local to Elkhart, Indiana, look no further. We value our customers and have tons of respect for our Notre Dame clients.  After years of dealing with the Elkhart community, our family-owned business has developed a relationship with the community we truly cherish.  Here at Fast Act, we see every client as a potential life-long supporter and friend.  We appreciate all of the business that we get from referrals.  We don’t just want our clients to get an affordable dumpster rental price or quality service; we want you to have a great Elkhart dumpster rental experience.

How Much Does It Cost To Rent A Dumpster In Elkhart, Indiana?

If you live in Elkhart and are wondering how much it costs to rent a dumpster, you might not be surprised that dumpster prices are near the land of The Elkhart Titans Baseball field.  Pricing will depend on a few different variables.  For an Elkhart roll-off dumpster company to deliver you a metal dumpster, leave it at your property for a few days, pick the dumpster up, transport the junk to the landfill, pay the disposal cost and then clean the dumpster out is quite a task.  Location, type of debris, and volume will almost always be a variable in how much you may pay for a dumpster. 

Over-tonnage fees, trip charges, or delivery costs are usually added to your bill after pickup.  If you overfill your rented dumpster, you may also be subject to an over-the-fill line fee.  

Looking For Dumpster Rental In Elkhart?

You can bypass all of these fine print details by going with Fast Act Junk Removals Load & Go Service or rent a dumpster and watch the weight you put in it, making sure not to go over the fill line.  Dumpster Rental Prices in the Elkhart area usually go between $125.00 to $800.00 depending on where you are located and what dumpster rental company you decide to go with.  

If you are looking for a cheap dumpster rental, call Fast Act for pricing.  We are family owned and operated and always negotiate the price if needed to work with our client’s budget.  Dumpster Rental in Elkhart has never been easier, thanks to the different service styles that Fast Act offers.  

Residential Services

RESIDENTIAL Dumpster Rental in Elkhart

Is your home getting cluttered? We got you covered! Our fast and simple dumpster rental process will give you the ability to get rid of all your unwanted items at one time.

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Commercial Services

COMMERCIAL Dumpster Rental in Elkhart

Businesses & commercial properties are no problem for Fast Act. Large and small projects, we are there to provide a transparent bid and completion date.

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Order A Dumpster Near You

When looking for a local service to rent a dumpster from, it’s always a great idea to see what areas the dumpster rental company services.  The closer the dumpster rental company is to where you need a dumpster delivered, the more affordable it may be to rent a dumpster.  Fast Act Junk Removal and Dumpster Service LLC serve many Southwest Michigan and Northwest Indiana areas. 

Need A Same Day Dumpster? Call us at (269) 808-1170